How To Pick A Upvc Window Lock

How To Pick A Upvc Window Lock

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Casement Window Locks

Most of sash window locks are screwed to the window rather than the frame itself which is typically a weaker approach.

Which Type Of Lock Have You Got?

Having your lock cylinder replaced by a licensed locksmith is an easy of method making your house more protected, extra free answers at uPVC Windows Staffordshire (

Why The Key Won’T Turn

SPARE KEYS CUT, To find a local key cutting locksmith professional near you, please visit our key cutting page.

Cost Of Hinge Bolts

When the door is closed hinge bolts will avoid the door from being required open off the hinges.

Door Chain

We advise any door chain you fit has Protected by Design accreditation.

Are Upvc Door Locks Secure?

Read our guide on the most safe and secure lock here.

Cost Of Hinge Bolts

Hinges bolts also referred to as Pet dog Bolts are used to enhance the security of uPVC doors and can be fitted to any external opening door.

What Key Profile Do You Need?

It is recommended that you leave your key inside the lock, nevertheless, so you don't need to look for it in case of an emergency.

The Cost Of Window Security

Some windows likewise boastGuaranteed by Style'accreditation, an initiative to lower criminal offense through safe and secure glazing, backed by the UK Police.

Multi Point Locking System

As the key cylinder controls all the locking points, it is essential to fit a safe and secure kind of cylinder.

Common Window Lock Problems

All the extra bits you require to fix your windows are available here.

What Can I Do To Prevent Someone Picking My Lock?

An insufficient cylinder lock means you are more at danger of lock snapping. Read our guide on the most safe lock here.